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Image by Matt Hardy
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Theo Schaefer

Producer, DP, Photographer


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Theodore (Theo) Schaefer is a native to Santa Barbara self taught photographer, film maker and business owner. Theo first starting interning with Harry Rabin in 2016 and has worked on and off with On The Wave since. Working with clients such as Eric Burden, Jeff Bridges, Micheal McDonald, DJ Tennis, The Bright Light Social Hour, Sarah Walk, Human Rights Watch, The UPS store, Maxton Hunter (Schulte), HBO's John Oliver Tonight, Overall Murals, and The Shared Crossings Project among a few. Theo's experience ranges from commercial focused, live music, & documentary work filling gaps in between. 

Live music and music production is a passion and notable aspect of Theo's career as a photographer and active member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 442. With over 8 years experience ranging back to his years at Santa Barbara High School's MAD Academy, Theo's catalog is filled with photos and videos of famous locations and acts. 

Theo is a Co-Producer on "Greetings From Summerland" and more recently a key member of the team creating the current focus of OTW "Unabandoned" while also developing a project around The Santa Barbara Funk Zone's recent plans for expansion & it's effect on our local community. Theo is actively working as a general Camera Operator, sound engineer, & photographer. He resides in his hometown of Santa Barbara, CA. As one of Harry's early interns, producing a project as a team is a full circle career moment. 

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