Harry Rabin – Producer, Writer Cinematographer, Director

Rabin attended UCSB majoring in BioMed and Electrical Engineering and Dramatic Arts along with a brief stint at AFI. He has worked in the capacity as writer, director, cinematographer and producer on dozens of documentaries along with Live Concert venues and both Indie and Feature Films. See DOP Page for more ...


As a recognized technologist for cinema workflow and camera hardware he has developed and built OTW’s camera support gear and even an underwater HD capable ROV from scratch! His latest projects included working with Mike deGruy for James Cameron and National Geographic's  “Deepsea Challenge 3D” and consulting and providing footage for Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue feature documentary which opened the 2014 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.


His passion for the Ocean and all marine life within it recently prompted the formation of REEF GUARDIANS HAWAII where he plays a lead role in working with scientists and researchers to better understand the problems so they can create solutions. Some of Rabin's long standing  relationships include working as an official advisor and liaison between Universities, community and Government entities like NOAA, USGS, UCSB's Marine Sciences Institution, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Board of Directors DOT GREEN Community and a Producer and advisor to the prestigious Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences.



Last year Rabin working with the Academy for Underwater Arts and Sciences produced all film media which was viewed by all members present at their annual awards gala. This is a prestigious event where those involved with the ocean are recognized with the NOGI award. To quote James Cameron, "Being a recipient of the NOGI is the underwater equivalent of winning an Oscar except a lot harder!". This was a multimedia show with over 7 videos produced, one for each recipient and 2 for entertainment depicting our Oceans and their inhabitants in stunning 4K. He also created a new look for their official website as a gift to the AUAS. You can view it here: AUSA-NOGI.ORG



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