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Legacy Wellhead Leak Monitoring


Drone Surveys

Using programmed waypoint software, our drone pilots fly coordinate-specific pathways to monitor any leakage from various Legacy Oil Wellhead sites, ensuring that we are monitoring the exact site location every time.

Rincon Island Photogrammetric

Photogrammetric Mapping

SkyeBrowse software had allowed us to construct precise photogrammetric, 3D models of Rincon Island, the center of one of the wellhead survey sites.


Status reporting

Consistent and timely monitoring allows us to compare data at the exact same locations over various days to monitor for any oil sheen. Repeated occurrences of oil in the vicinity of a wellhead can suggest a leak that can then be addressed.

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Utilizing years of documentary work coupled with research, On the Wave Productions' Marine Research division along with local Santa Barbara non-profit Heal the Ocean has leveraged it’s expertise with both aerial and land based image acquisition to create tools for locating leaking wellheads.


On the Wave Productions has assisted in the capping of 5 prolific leaking wellheads along the coast of California and continues its efforts to keep our ocean and shorelines free of hydrocarbon pollution as it continues it’s programs of monitoring areas with legacy wellheads. We have developed autonomous flight methods to ensure consistently accurate surveys, locating the wellheads through GPS coordinates, and have helped improve the methods by which leaking wellheads are capped–safely and with minimal pollution to their environment.

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