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Greetings From Summerland & Unabandoned

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Greetings From Summerland 

Premiered at The Santa Barbara International Film Festival. "Greetings from Summerland" is an investigative environmental documentary that unveils the little-known history and environmental impacts of the world's first offshore oil wells in Summerland, California. This history spans back to the late 1800s when the offshore wells were first successfully drilled, through the 1960s as they were capped for the first time, and into the future, as more modern capping efforts and techniques are implemented. Featuring insights from Dr. Ira Leifer, a marine science researcher whose expertise sheds light on the scientific challenges of mitigating these impacts, and Keri Hedden, a resident, and painter, whose personal accounts add depth to the narrative by illustrating the community's lived experiences with oil seepage. The documentary highlights the broader implications of methane emissions from abandoned wells globally, presenting a deep dive into the consequences of these pioneering projects and the subsequent efforts to cap the leaking wellhead on a local scale to show global implications. It serves as a compelling narrative on the urgent need for awareness, ingenuity, and action in addressing environmental negligence and preserving our planet's resources.

Next Screening:

Sunday April 21st  - Majorie Luke Theater // Santa Barbara  RSVP:

August 8, 2024 // Greenpoint Film Festival 

Brooklyn, NY

September 2nd-8th // Trees & Seas Film Festival 

Isla De Chiloe 

Patagonia Insular, Chile


Feature length project diving deeper into what "Greetings From Summerland" covers, and more. Bringing greater awareness to the issues and solutions the Summerland community has faced and showcase how these lessons can be used in the future globally. Our goal is to take what the short film sparked an interest in and show what solutions and positive efforts are being made towards well capping & methane emissions. With more than 29 million oil wells (180 thousand in California alone) this is an immediate issue effecting humanity as a whole. Our society has the opportunity to change this current path. Your sponsorship can lend a hand on our mission for positive change. 

All fiscal sponsorships are tax deductible & processed through The Redford Center. Thank you for considering a sponsorship below.

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