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Image by Matt Hardy


The research division of On the Wave Productions, On the Wave: Marine Research, works with non-profit organizations and local government entities to survey and collect data on coastal environmental health. Using our extensive stocklist of equipment, we are able to conduct in depth surveys and gather research data to inform scientific research and drive preventative action to protect our coasts. Drones and ROVs allow us to collect automated and precise data, while years of cinematography experience and the latest in film equipment adds a creative and cinematographic touch to communicate critical environmental issues to the public. 

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On the Wave Productions' Marine Research division has leveraged its expertise with both aerial and land based image acquisition to create tools for locating leaking wellheads for the California State Lands Comission.


Alongside associated non-profit Reef Guardians, On the Wave has developed "Robots on the Reef", using autonomous aerial and submersible drones to capture 3D imaging for assessment of near-shore reef systems.

Image by Francesco Ungaro
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With support from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the state’s Fish and Game Commission, On the Wave has been studying and filming California’s Great White nurseries for the past 6 years, to protect and create public outreach for nurseries along the coast.



Aerial and Underwater Surveys

Using programmed waypoint software, our drone pilots fly coordinate-specific pathways to accurately repeat mission survey-points and collect replicable and high quality data, both from the sky and on the surface and under the ocean.

Rincon Island Photogrammetric

Photogrammetric Mapping

SkyeBrowse software allows us to construct precise photogrammetric, 3D models of any structure for in-depth mapping projects. We've mapped projects for NOAA, California State Lands Commission, Santa Barbara County Fire Department, and more.

Rincon Island Photogrammetric

Product & Project Showcase

With years of experience in the film industry, we are able to shoot aerial and on the ground footage of any project and provide anywhere from short project showcase clips to full length informative films.


Project Reporting

Each leg of our projects is accompanied by detailed and informative status reports, keeping our clients up to date and immersed in real-time progress while we're on the ground collecting data and conducting surveys.

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Boat Access

On the Wave and Reef Guardian's California research vessel is based in Santa Barbara, CA and has proved a huge asset in collecting on the water data from great white shark tagging to wellhead surveys.

IMG_3097 RGH Shark sign being scanned by beachgoer.HEIC

Community Outreach

In both California and Hawaii, On the Wave's Marine Research division strives to communicate our work to the public. Through youth education programs and coordination with local governments, we have succeeded in raising awareness for our oceans.

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