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Image by Gerald Schömbs

California Great White Shark Tracking

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Aerial Tracking

Our drone pilots use our latest drone technology to survey the California white shark nursery area in order to get an accurate idea of how many individuals are using the nursery seasonally, which helps us understand their migration patterns and updated population densities.

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Individual Tagging

Our Marine Research division has collaborated with researchers from various universities and organizations like CSU-Long Beach, Florida International University, and NOAA, and always enjoy aiding in white shark tagging expeditions.

IMG_3097 RGH Shark sign being scanned by beachgoer.HEIC

Outreach & Education

Working alongside California Fish and Game Commission and California Fish and Wildlife, we have assisted in the creation and installation of educational signs with QR codes at known great white nursery locations and nearby marinas up and down the California coast. These signs help raise awareness to safe boating and ocean practices.

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On the Wave's Marine Research division began working alongside Reef Guardians investigating the sudden presence of juvenile great white sharks back in 2016. They informed CSU-Long Beach’s Shark Lab and provided resources including our research vessel during 2016-2018 for Shark Lab's use to tag and study these young apex predators.


We continue to monitor these sharks along the California coast, and counted and documented over 60 individuals in 2021 alone. Working alongside California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the state’s Fish and Game Commission, we have been studying and filming California’s Great White Nursery for the past 6 years, to protect and create public outreach for nurseries along the coast. Through data collection and frequent film documentation, our work has helped to create an awareness and educational program that includes the placement of signs with a QR Code weblink to better educate boaters and beach goers on how to co-exist safely with white sharks.


On the Wave Productions has produced and filmed several shark shows for the National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel's Shark Week, NBC, the Weather Channel, including Into the Shark Zone and When Sharks Attack, for the purpose of show-casing both the importance and value of protecting these amazing animals. 

Image by Gerald Schömbs
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