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Hourly: $225 -  2 Hour minimum. Hourly rate applies whenever the consecutive time on site is two hours or less and/or hours on site* are inconsecutive. If the consecutive time on site exceeds two hours, the Half Day or Day rate may apply.

Half day: $700 - Up to four consecutive hours on site in one day.

Full day: $1,200 - Day rate applies whenever time on site exceeds four hours.

If time exceeds eight hours in one day, additional hours will be charged at the rate of $250/hour.

Travel: When travel to a site exceeds two hours, the day rate will automatically apply at the minimum.
* “On site” refers to physical presence with gear at an agreed-upon time and location (site). Where relocating between multiple sites during one contract period is necessary, the time spent traveling between locations is chargeable.

Post Production/Editing:
$100/hour - Video and/or photograph editing

Several factors determine the amount of time spent in post-production, such as: the amount of footage/photos accumulated, the number of scenes and takes, the type of production requested, etc.

Deposit: To reserve services for a particular date, a 40% deposit is required, which will be refundable only in the unlikely event that I am unable to deliver usable video or photographs for reasons reasonably within my control. Inclement weather (e.g. rain, thick fog, high winds, etc.) is not within our control and may keep my rig grounded.

Travel: Up to fifty miles (round-trip) of driving is included. Additional mileage when driving will be charged at the rate of $2/mile. Other travel expenses (i.e. flights, tolls, lodging, and public transit) are to be fully paid by the client. Additional travel allowances may be required (for example, when overnight stay(s) are deemed necessary).

At any and all times, the determination of safety and the ultimate decision to conduct aerial operations rest solely with On the Wave productions.

These Rates & General Conditions may be subject to change.


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