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Reality based show that looks at the role of First Responders, the heroes who are first on the scene of a disaster or one in the making and follows our everyday heroes from Land, to Sea and in the Air as they selflessly perform the task of saving lives at a moments notice.


Follow 3-5 different life threatening situation in each episode that culminates with rescuer and rescuee both during and after a rescue has occurred. From The busy and bustling streets of life in the big city to remote landscapes and tropical settings to the savage coasts we'll witness the Coast Guard, Fire fighters, paramedics, Search and Rescue and ordinary people risking their own lives to save another and all from their point of view!


The host of our show is no stranger to life threatening situations as he was one of the highest awarded and commendated heroes for over 25 years in this line of work. So buckle up as this ride begins and be prepared to become fully immersed from beginning to end as First Response rolls on to your TV screen...


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